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The ATV Riding Outfit

One of the best things about riding your ATV offroad is challenging yourself to go through different obstacles that may come your way. There are dangers but we understand that could also be part of the thrill and excitement. 

Of course, you still have to determine if your ATV can safely go through them. They may be powerful but they have limits too. When it comes to safety, it is wise not to take anything by chance alone. That’s the reason why you should be thinking about safety equipment whenever you go for a ride. 

The outfit you wear is part of the safety equipment. It is your first layer of protection and you don’t just wear them to make you look cool.

So what should you wear when you go out for ATV riding? Here are a few tips on choosing riding clothes and accessories: 

For The Head

The helmet is a very important part of your riding attire. You should always wear one whenever you use your ATV whether for a short or long ride. Some states require riders to wear them but even if yours doesn’t you should always wear them for safety purposes. 

When choosing a helmet, make sure that it is of high quality and is well fitted on your head. The department of transportation has standards when it comes to off-road helmets. Make sure the one you are using is meeting such standards. 

Furthermore, there are also other helmets that bear the SNELL label. These are even better because they have even more stringent safety ratings. 

Helmets could come with or without a face shield. If yours doesn’t, then it would be best to wear goggles that are shatterproof. Make sure that they fit comfortably even with your helmet on.

For The Upper Body

Expect dirt when you go for an ATV ride so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty. Additionally, you should look into the fabric and see to it that it could outlast some wear and tear. Long sleeves are best because they could also protect your arms from debris and prolonged sun exposure. There are also fabrics that help protect your body from the sun. 

If you choose to wear a jacket while riding, make sure that it is ventilated and won’t restrict your movements. You need to be able to move so you can properly control the ATV. Plus you need to move properly because you need to be quick to react to whatever you encounter. 

If you expect some rain, a waterproof jacket will be of high use. Although you can’t really stop yourself from getting wet in the rain, it will at least give you some protection to avoid getting yourself soaking wet quickly.

For The Lower Body

Although most people would prefer their good old jeans, there are still other alternatives. Trail riding pants offer better roominess and comfort. They better allow movements and you always want something that will be comfortable even if you tend to slide or jostle around throughout the ride. 

One of the great things about riding pants is the presence of pads on the knees. However, you may also wear separate knee pads for better and added protection. It would also be a great help if you need to kneel on the gravel or mud to inspect your ATV.

For The Hands And Feet

There are riding gloves that you can wear to help prevent your hands from chafing and blistering. When riding, you can expect prolonged gripping over the handlebars. Furthermore, it could also help give protection against debris and stones that could fly off from the trail. 

When looking for gloves, make sure that they are padded, adjustable, and provide a soft grip. Ventilated gloves are also great especially during hot days. 

For your feet, water-resistant shoes or those that provide over-the-ankle protection are your best bet. The under sole should also have good treads for better traction. If you are expecting cold temperatures, an insulated boot will help you feel more comfortable through the cold. 

Other Accessories

Apart from the basic ones above, you can also wear other accessories for other protection. A bandana or a cloth around the neck helps protect against the sun or dirt. You can even soak it in water before use so that you can cool yourself through the trip. 

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