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ATV For Beginners: A Quick Guide To Buying Your First ATV

Those who love to spend their time outdoors doing recreational activities might want to invest in their very own ATV. It’s a well-built machine that almost anyone can ride without too much difficulty. It is already well balanced, unlike their dirt bike counterparts. It’s a good option for beginners who want to ride through a trail. 

Safety Of ATV

It may seem that, on four wheels an ATV is a much safer option than a dirt bike but in fact the opposite is true, according to a 2010 study from the the Johns Hopkins Center in Baltimore, MD which stated that,

…the researchers said that even when the severity of injuries was the same, the patients who had been riding ATVs were 50 percent more likely to die, and 50 percent more likely to need treatment in an intensive care unit and mechanical ventilation, compared to the motorcycle riders.”

“ATVs more deadly than motorcycles” Reuters, October 6, 2010

While there’s plenty of factors that went into the study, it seems that trail conditions and heavier weight of the ATV were contributing factors.

Also, if you purchase an ATV that has an engine that’s too big for your experience, it an also post as a potential threat. However, the four-wheels of the ATV offer beginners a ride they can easily learn and use in just about 5 minutes. 

Buying An ATV According To Experience And Age

One of the main things to consider when purchasing an ATV is your age and experience level. This will help make sure that you fully enjoy your purchase.

If you have a family with kids, you can consider ATVs that are meant for kids. These smaller ATVs are just the right size for those who are into recreational activity at a young age. 

There are various recommendations as to the size of the ATV engine and the age of the children who would use the ATV. Manufacturers may also have their own recommendations when it comes to the models or variations of the ATV they offer. 

Under-sized Vs Over-sized Engine

Even adults can still be beginners when it comes to the use of an ATV. It is recommended for a beginner adult or older teen riders to get an ATV with a 125cc to 250cc engine. For other intermediate and advanced riders, ATVs that have 250cc engine and above are suitable. 

With the engine sizes suggested for beginners, there might still be some who find them a little boring or weak. This will depend on the driver themselves. An adult driver who is a beginner at ATV but has been driving a car for years can be disappointed with a smaller engine ATV.

Similarly, a young rider who has lots of experience riding borrowed ATV may not find the 70cc ATV exciting or suitable at all.

However, it is still best to pair up with something too small rather than something too big that you can’t control it. 

Choosing An ATV Depending On Use

When choosing an ATV to purchase, it is important to consider your plans while using it. Do you simply want to take the kids on a fun trail under the sun?

An entry-level ATV with a smaller engine will do well in this scenario. It will not be too big but still have enough power for you to enjoy the ride. 

If you are looking for an ATV that you can use to help with work, you can get a UTV. The UTV or a utility terrain vehicle has a more powerful engine than an ATV.

The UTV can be used in a variety of activities like hunting, camping, or plowing as it is a very reliable machine. If you just want to ride recreationally, an ATV is more suited.

Used Vs Brand New ATV

ATVs are available either brand new or as used ones. Buying used ones is much more cost-effective but you have to make sure that what you buy is still of good quality.

It is also great to buy used ones as a first ATV because you can always upgrade when you grow out of it. 

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