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Here’s How To Prepare To Sell Your Used ATV

Are you just like us and other many ATV enthusiasts who can’t resist taking a look at the latest rides available even if you already own a decent ATV? Well, have you seen the 2021 Polaris Sportsman 570? It’s an awesome and powerful ATV with features that are simply irresistible. 

If you are loaded then just go and buy it to fill your heart with content and happiness. However, if not, you should first think of ways on how to pay for that new ATV. One way to do that is to sell your old one and just upgrade to a new one. 

Who needs multiple ATVs anyway if you are the only one in the family who rides them? Selling your old ATV will not only help you pay for the new one but it will also free some space so you can store your new one safely. 

But you don’t just go and sell your used ATV. You have to prepare it first for a smoother sale. Plus, you’re also more likely to get the most out of your used ATV when you prepare it properly. 

Don’t know how to do that? We’re here to help. Below are simple yet necessary things that you could do to prepare your ATV before selling it.

Clean It Up

It is natural for ATVs to look dirty. After all, we use it through all kinds of terrain so it’s not surprising to see it muddy or dirty. However, your potential customers may not appreciate a dirty-looking ATV. 

Even if your ATV is in great shape, people usually use their sense of sight to quickly decide whether they like it or not. Don’t lose potential customers just because your ATV looks dirty. 

Cleaning your ATV is one of the simplest ways to improve your chances of getting it sold. Give it a good scrub before taking pictures and putting it on sale. You should be able to capture the attention of buyers with a well-cleaned machine.

Consider Cosmetic Touch-ups

Sure, dinged ATVs may give it character. Whenever you see that small scratch or small ding, you get flashes of the awesome and unforgettable experience you have with it. 

However, you have to remember that your awesome experience that caused that cosmetic fluke isn’t appreciated by the buyer. So it is best to do a little bit of touch-up. 

You don’t have to give it a total overhaul but touch-up paint would be nice. You may also want to replace the grips. These are minor details but they do make the ATV look more attractive to buyers. 

Get Ready For A Photoshoot

Okay, we admit that a photoshoot may sound over the top so you can skip that but at least take high-quality photos especially if you are posting your ATV online. Good photos in good lighting will make your ATV more attractive. 

You don’t have to use fancy lights or a backdrop. You can just take decent photos outdoors with natural lighting. Remember that it’s your photos that draw the attention of potential buyers. 

Take multiple shots in multiple angles and select which are best to post. Dark and blurry photos should be deleted. The clearer the photos, the better.

Don’t just take pictures from afar. Go closer and take detailed pictures of your ATV. If there are any flaws, you should declare them and take pictures of those too. Buyers appreciate honesty from sellers. 

Don’t Forget Routine Maintenance

Routine maintenance procedures should be done to your ATV to make sure it runs properly and to avoid damaging it. You shouldn’t just do it in the hopes of selling your ATV in the future but it should be done for your own safety as well. 

If you maintain your ATV properly, then wear and tear can be minimized. Major issues can be avoided and you could also sell your ATV for a better price than those that aren’t properly maintained. 

Make sure that you also have a maintenance record organized and ready. That is your proof that you really have been taking care of the ATV properly. Keep records of repairs or upgrades that have been done. 

Prepare The Title

Rules and regulations regarding ATVs may differ from one state to another. However, when it comes to selling an ATV, most if not all will require an exchange of title. Find the necessary paperworks required so the sale can be done smoothly and quickly. 

Buyers Will Negotiate

You get to decide what asking price to place on your ATV. When deciding what this is, make sure that it is fair enough. Too expensive ones will just get ignored.

Also prepare yourself because most buyers will negotiate with the price. Buyers could ask for a discount or offer a lower price. Although you can adjust and give-in to their price or meet halfway, you shouldn’t still accept an offer that is too low. 

Do your research correctly to figure out the fair price for your ATV. That way, you’ll know if the buyer is simply low-balling you. 

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