Selling A Used ATV

Tips To Getting Your Used ATV Sold

There comes a time in a man’s life when he has to bid farewell to his beloved ATV. Whether you don’t find any use for it anymore or you are upgrading to a Yamaha Grizzly or any other ATV, you may decide to sell your unit. Selling it is a great idea as there is a market for used ATVs. Plus, it would be better to turn that thing into cash than just to let it rot in your garage or backyard. To help you easily sell that ATV, here are a few useful tips.

Give It A Thorough Clean

ATVs are meant to go through various terrains and that means the dirt and grime could also pile up. It is always a great idea to clean whatever used item you are selling before putting it up on sale. Cleaning it can increase the value and potential buyers are less likely to low ball you because of a dirty ATV. This is because you can better see the condition of the ATV when it is thoroughly cleaned. Layers of dirt can hide away something and even if you aren’t trying to hide anything, some buyers might presume you are. 

After giving your ATV a thorough clean, you should also try to make it look more presentable. That can be easily done with a tire shine product. It’ll make your ATV look polished even though it already has seen it’s better days. 

Take Quality Pictures

Clear pictures that are taken at various angles will help sell your ATV faster than those that don’t have any or have just a single one. Take pictures of the different parts of the ATV as well to showcase and really sell it. If there are any flaws, then you should also take pictures of those so that potential buyers really know what they are buying. They’d appreciate the honesty.

Choose Your Selling Platform

Where do you plan to sell your ATV? As much as possible, put it up for sale wherever you can. If there are local shops in the area that could help you, then get their help even if they’d take a cut. You can also place your item for sale online. Find local classified sites to target buyers that are near you. 

Apart from that, you can also post your ATV for sale on social media sites. Your friends and family can also help you by telling them that you selling it. Someone within your circle might just be looking to purchase one. 

Learn To Negotiate The Price

Negotiating is part of selling and most of the time buyers would like to feel that they got a great deal. Knowing that you should give room for negotiations. Set your limit on how much you are willing to negotiate but also make sure that the ATV is really worth the price your selling.

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