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How To Make Your Racing ATV Lighter

ATVs may not be as big as cars but they are also quite heavy machines. Trying to make it lighter might seem just a waste of time and money because you have to change parts. Well, that’s true if you just use your ATV for fun riding on the trails, working on the farm, or for hunting

If, on the other hand, you use ATVs for racing, then you might want to consider the idea of making it weigh lighter. As with most motorsports, reducing the weight can give you an advantage over the other competitors. But you should remember that ATVs that are used for racing will also require nerf bars and handguards to be installed so reducing the weight with the other parts may be canceled out by installing these parts.

Nevertheless, it is still worth a try. 

There are several options for reducing the weight on your ATV or utility ATV. Both have their fan base when it comes to racing and if you do too, here are a few things you should keep in mind… 

Ways To Decrease Your ATV’s Weight

Replace The Wheels

One of the best ways to reduce the weight of your ATV is to change the wheels that come with it. There are lighter wheels available from high-end brands. These wheels are not only light, but they are also durable too. Some of them are specifically designed for off-road racing so shedding the weight here also helps you have better traction and better handling over your ATV.

Take Out The Parking Brake

As an ATV designed for racing, you don’t need the parking brake so removing it is the best option. You have to make sure you only keep the essential parts that have a function for the intended use. Most of the serious ATV racers don’t have their parking brake installed because it is just additional weight. 

Coil Shock VS Air Shock

ATVs will usually come with coil shocks but that can be replaced with air shocks. These are not only lighter but they are also easily tuneable. They are also durable and are not that expensive. 

Get Lithium Batteries

It’s conventional for ATVs to use lead-acid batteries because they are affordable, durable and require minimal maintenance. However, they can also be heavy and bulky. Lithium-ion batteries can be used in place of conventional lead-acid batteries. They are compact and lightweight that’s why they’re great for racing. Also, lithium-ion batteries are better for the environment. 

Replace The Stock Exhaust

Most of the stock exhaust installed on ATVs will limit the power output of the engine and they also don’t muffle the sound well. Choosing and installing a performance exhaust to replace the stock one can help lighten the weight of the ATV. It also improves the airflow for a better sound. 

Most of the performance exhaust is made of lighter metals like aluminum and titanium. However, you have to remember that an exhaust may not be compatible with all ATVs that is why it is best to look for performance exhausts specifically designed for your model. 

Other Minor Reductions

Above are the main things that you could do to significantly lighten your ATV. Once you’ve done them, there are other things that you can still do but these won’t lighten the ATV too much. One of them is to drill holes on bolts and washers but this could also affect the integrity of how your ATV is pieced together. 

Some also suggest cutting the fenders because it doesn’t only reduce some weight, it can also help with visibility. The seat can also be replaced by another one that has a lighter foam. 

Additionally, racers can also opt for not filling up their three-gallon gas tank to the brim. You won’t need all that gas for the race and you can leave out the rest to help lighten the ATV. A gallon of gas approximately weighs 6 lbs. Reducing your gas to a gallon and a half can help reduce about 6-9 lbs. Note that this gas trick can only be used on Motorcross. 

Finally, the weight of the driver should also be considered. You can go on a diet or you can simply watch how much you eat on the day or days before your race. Also, you may use the bathroom before the race to drop some weight and also be more comfortable while racing. 

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