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7 Essential ATV Accessories For Hunting

Different people use ATVs for different reasons. Some may simply love the experience of riding it on various off-road adventures. Others would also use it to help out with their farm. Additionally, there are also others who use it in combination with their other hobbies like hunting.

Customizing ATVs

To make ATVs more suitable for various functions it can be customized. I personally like to alter my shocks and suspension for better ride quality. Apart from that, there are also other accessories that you can attach to you’re ATV for various purposes.

If you’re into hunting, you’ll be pleased to know that there are lots of accessories you can choose from. On top of our list are the following:

  1. Stealth Exhaust System
  2. Gun And Bow Rack
  3. Gunboot
  4. Treestand Carrier
  5. Winch
  6. Trailer
  7. Rear Molded Back Seat

Stealth Exhaust System

In order to successfully hunt your game, you need to make sure you don’t spook them with the sounds you create. That is also true for your ATV. With a stealth exhaust system, you can reduce the noise by up to 50%.

This acts as a muffler and there are various units available commercially. To install them, you just have to place them over your exhaust pipe and your done. Some also try to DIY themselves a stealth exhaust system.

Gun And Bow Rack

Whether you prefer to use a gun or a bow during hunting, this rack will make it easily accessible for you to get your weapon in case you need it. Preferably, you should get one that attaches to the front of your ATV for better access.

Make sure to select cushioned ones to prevent your gears from damage. You should also check to see if they securely hold your weapons in place. Off-road terrains are often bumpy and you don’t want your weapons to get knocked off the rock due to the uneven terrain.


A gunboot is another holder for your gun. It is better at keeping your weapon in its best shape. This is ideal for those who will ride for a significant distance between the camp and remote areas to find their game. The gunboot usually holds the main hunting gun and most hunters will have other guns on the front rack.

Blind Or Treestand Carrier

This kind of carrier is specifically designed to carry your blinds or treestands. They are positioned behind the rear seat so they don’t get in the way. Like the other carriers you have in your ATV, make sure that they can securely carry your treestands and blinds so you won’t lose them on the way.


Driving your ATV into the woods while hunting will expose you to a variety of environmental challenges. It is very possible for you to get stuck in the mud. In situations like that, a winch can save you from frustration and embarrassment.

This is a safety accessory that is quite useful not only while hunting but also when simply driving off-road. It is better to be prepared for the worse than to panic when the situation comes.


Having a trailer makes it so much easier for you to move your stuff around the camp. It has a huge capacity so you can even place a deer on it. With a trailer, you have enough room to carry things around so you don’t have to leave any tool that you might need.

Rear Molded Back Seat

Hunting is also a fun activity in a group. You can even enjoy it with your family but that means you have to have more room in your ATV. Rear seats are great for passengers. Many of these rear molded back seats also double as waterproof storage spaces for your most valuable items.

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