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The Best Time To Buy An ATV

Buying an ATV is a big decision and let’s be honest: they ain’t cheap and can be unnecessarily costly depending on a variety of factors. If you are itching to buy one, it is probably best for you to know not only what ATV to buy but when to buy it.

You read that right…timing can also be a great factor in enabling you to save some money over your purchase. If your a frugal guy just like me, then saving tactic is for you.

Read on my fellow trail-blazer…

When Is The Best Time To Buy An ATV?

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To really expect the price of the ATV to be discounted, you have to buy at a time when there is low demand and the supply is high. So when is this exactly? This perfect time is when newer models are still on their way to the dealership and they still have old inventory that they want to sell. This time usually falls from October until January of next year. 

You can even save more by going towards the end of the month. It is when the dealerships would likely like to negotiate into reducing the price just because they want to get rid of their old inventory. 

Finding Dealerships With Old Inventory

Now that you know when the best time is to buy an ATV, you then have to figure out which dealerships still have old inventory. Here are a few ways to do that.

  1. Online Search – First of all, you should lower your search to nearby areas so a radius of about 100 miles from you would be best. Through online research, you may discover if they list their inventory online. You can narrow down your search here and visit the ones that offer the lowest price for the ATV you want.
  2. Physical Visit To Shop – If you already have a favorite ATV dealership that you usually go to, make sure you take a look at their inventory or ask if they have the model that you’d like. If you are flexible with the ATV, you may ask them about what model they are most willing to negotiate. 
  3. Phone Call – Negotiating physically by going to the store shows more seriousness from the buyers so the dealership is more likely to entertain them than just a phone call. However, you can still try calling them and stand your ground that you only have limited time and you want to make a deal over the phone so that you’ll be sure to get it at that price once you drive to their shop. 


If you want to save on your purchase of an ATV, you have to purchase it at the right time. It is when the dealerships are trying to get rid of old inventory. To find out which dealerships near you still have old inventory, you can do online research, visit them or call them.

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