ATV Must Have Attachments for 2018

We may be biased, but we think it’s pretty clear that ATVs are one of the most valuable inventions mankind has ever conceived of.  Period.  A close second would have to be the ATV attachments that have made accomplishing all sorts of tasks possible.

In addition to giving the passionate riders a way to achieve the thrill they so frantically seek through dirt and mountain riding, the all-terrain vehicles can be used to do anything from mowing the lawn, and carrying heavy machinery and supplies to hauling a vehicle. An ATV alone, however, is incapable of doing these tasks independently. It needs ATV attachments that can readily be fixed, mounted and attached to it as and when required, depending upon the task that needs to be done.

So, without further ado, here’s my picks for the coolest 7 ATV attachments for 2018:

1.  ATV Camper Pull Behind

ATV Camper Setup

I’m a camper, so for me towing a camper trailer is considered as one of the best ATV attachments for not only camping, but as a mobile storage alternative for an ATV excursion.  ATV camper pull behind is known to have a sturdy frame with the ability to securely hold your ATV without causing it any damage. It can easily be maneuvered, once it has been towed to a vehicle. Since the camper has a high ground clearance, you don’t have to worry about any damage to it on rough, pitted terrains.

2. ATV Winch

ATV Winch at Work
ATV Winch at Work

If you own an ATV, an ATV winch is a must have attachment. It is an ATV attachment that is quite useful and perhaps even a life saver in situations where your ATV gets stuck in something that you cannot drive it out of. An ATV winch can easily be affixed to the front of your ATV and be easily used to pull it out from wherever it is stuck.

3. Lawn Mower

Mowing The Lawn Behind Your ATV
Mowing The Lawn Behind Your ATV

Having a lawn mover for your ATV can save you tremendous amounts of time and energy. When the time for mowing your lawn comes, all you have to do is connect this ATV attachment to your ATV and drive around in your lawn, getting all the work done with ease.

4. ATV Utility Trailer

Aluminum ATV Trailer
Aluminum ATV Trailer

A trailer for your ATV can find a lot of uses, more than you can imagine. It is always good to have an ATV equipment that can be used to carry items that are either too many to be stuffed in your car or are too heavy. An ATV trailer will find use for hauling anything from your vehicle, to appliances, building supplies, wood logs, furniture and debris. It is an ATV attachment that will also save you a lot of money as you wouldn’t have to call professional mowers and haulers every time you need to get something heavy from one place to the other.

5. Snow Plow

Pushing Some Snow With An ATV
Pushing Some Snow With An ATV

Living in areas that receive generous snowfall throughout the winters is especially not good when the snow covers the ground up to several feet, hindering your day to day life. Having a snow plow is one of the best ways to make sure that you can manage any amount of snow deposition. All you have to do is buy this ATV attachment and secure it to your ATV to plow the snow away. It is especially helpful for people living in the outskirts where the authorities take time to come and plow the snow away.

6. Water Tank

Water Your Field With An ATV Water Tank
Water Your Field With An ATV Water Tank

Water is the necessity of life. In emergency situations, it is important that you have something that can hold a considerable capacity of water and can be readily transported from one place to the other. Water tanks for ATV can hold up to 300 L of water in them and once they are placed on an ATV trailer, they can easily be delivered from one place to the other.

7. Seed Spreader

Seed Spreader on the Farm
Seed Spreader on the Farm

With mechanization of agriculture, it is only wise to invest in something that will save human labor to the maximum possible extent. Seed spreader is one of those ATV attachments that will help you optimize your farming. It is an attachment that can be mounted on your ATV and can be used to spread not just seeds but also grass and fertilizers. With its powerful engine and optimal design, the seed spreader makes sure that the seeds, fertilizer or grass is evenly spread, thereby reducing human effort.

Well there you have it.  While there’s plenty more attachments you can get for your ATV or UTV, I’ve found the following seven either add the most value or are the most fun.

Have another idea or attachment that merits a mention?  Please leave a comment: I’d be glad to hear it!

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Fred is an off road junky from Memphis who, from the best of his recollection, was born on back of an ATV riding the trail north of Hotsprings, Arkansas. In addition for writing for a couple other ATV blogs including this one, Fred spends whatever money & time visiting Offroad hotspots throughout North America.

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      Hey Fred, Great article! I agree with you on all points. As a homeowner with a 1/2 acre plot i found shoveling and later using a snow thrower time consuming and very hard here in Massachusetts. So I get a honda rancher 420 and put a 3500 winch and plow on the front. A 4 hour job down to 1 1/2 hours. Bought a 3 point hitch and scarification attachment to clear most of the property once I got rid of dead trees and stumps. What a workhorse! And saved time and money! Got a quote of 8 grand to pay someone to do the work.
      The reciever hitch, 3 point hitch and scarification attachment cost about 2 grand. Plow about 900. Best of all had a blast! If I can be of service in future articles or if anyone has any questions please feel free to contact me. Have an awesome day!

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